I wanted to share 3 Golden Nuggets and also give you an opportunity that was given to me that could really help you if you're serious about GROWING.

This is my story for my business, but feel free to insert your desire for growing in a relationship, expanding your spirituality or even embarking on a new adventure that could be professionally or personally.

Golden Nugget #1: Align with the Right People

I would say a big turning point for me was when I started to align myself with mentors, teachers and colleagues who were further along than I was and/or who also knew things that I just didn't! (If I were to get super real with you, some of the things that I struggled with in the beginning were:

*charging for my services and knowing WHAT to charge
*discerning who I wanted to work with (trusting that I truly deserved to only work with the best, most ideal clients that I could do my best work with vs. taking on everyone even if they weren't an energetic "fit")
*technology and building my first website
*using social media (Facebook terrified me and Twitter terrified me even more!)
*marketing and promoting myself and what I had to offer from a heart space vs. feeling slimy or like I was "selling"


Golden Nugget #2: When You Invest From Your Intuition, You Get Massive Returns

I could have spent tons of time at this point on books, CD's with the "experts" in any of the fields above that terrified me.
But, I know myself well enough. I'm not a very patient person when it comes to certain things. And when it came to getting my message out there and helping people with my gifts and talents, I wanted it SOONER rather than later.

I wanted someone to just tell me exactly how to do what I didn't know or was scared of in the most efficient, FUN way possible. So, when I came across a website that said "Rich, Happy and Hot B-School" everything in my body started to tingle. I had no idea who Marie Forleo was (she was soon to be become one of my most influential mentors and teachers). It just felt RIGHT and more than that, it was an ONLINE business school that was a fraction of the cost of a regular MBA (like probably 1000X less) and it actually sounded FUN. (That's one of my actual life principles!)

Check it out:

Along with my Angel Therapy certification with Doreen Virtue, B-school was the biggest (and I consider) one of the most IMPORTANT investments I ever made for myself both personally and professionally. I'm not ashamed to say I didn't just take this program ONCE. I am actually taking it AGAIN this round which will be my THIRD time!  I did the payment plan and I just KNEW I would not only make the money I invested back, but that I would easily double it from the information I would learn.

And after just my first round in the program, I'm proud to say I:

*was no longer scared of creating or hiring someone to make me a website
*knew EXACTLY who my ideal people were and where I could find them (and where they could find me)
*let go of guilt around charging for my services and DOUBLED my client base (and let go of the energy drainers with grace!)
*felt more ALIVE, more confident and more ENERGIZED
*finally got CLARITY on how I could really help people using things that came naturally to me
 (I always thought I had to work HARD vs. using what was already inside me)
*premium business contacts who I would collaborate with in the future
*made new friends who "got" me and help me stay on track so I don't get overwhelmed or feel isolated

Sound like something YOU want too? Marie just opened registration TODAY!
She just posted a FAQ so you'll get ALL your questions answered before you see if it's even right for you.



Golden Nugget #3 Be Clear in Your Intentions: The WHY

When you can be clear in WHY you want something, then the Universe can deliver you clear matching energy in the form of the right people, opportunities, extra time, funds, etc.

So, what do YOU want? And WHY do you want it? 

Is it coming from a Soul/loving/intuitive desire or an Ego-driven one?

If it's the first, you're GOLDEN and doors will open <3

I'll end with my intentions as a example:

I had 3 major intentions in posting this:

1) To answer your questions/shed light on my own process to help you clarify YOURS

2) To share an opportunity (RHH online) that I truly feel could be the ideal fit for some of you who benefit from an organized, Ego-free way of learning from the best vs. having to do it all yourself

3) Let you know that If it DOES feel like a fit, if you use my affiliate link to sign yourself up below,
you will:
----help make it possible for me to offer 2 full-tuition SCHOLARSHIPS to 2 students who are talented healers and want to enroll in the Angel Reiki™ Online Certification Program I offer twice a year, but who are struggling financially


--you'll also receive 2 intuitive coaching calls with me (Valued at $300) to help you create and manifest results, either in your personal life or your professional one.

If you're ready to check out the program, go here:

Either way, I appreciate you taking the time to read this and I hope that you will take 1 (or ALL 3) of the Golden Nuggets and apply them to your own journey this coming month!

Love you! I'm off to the pool! After all, it's almost the weekend, right? :)


Do you suffer from “over-giving” syndrome? (I hear you! I am a recovered over-giver and I'm here to share my secrets with you so you can manifest what you REALLY want!)

When we consistently over-give, we usually have a very hard time receiving...anything!
In some way, we believe that we are not worthy of….compliments, healthy relationships that are balanced, money/financial abundance, prosperity in all forms, etc. 

If you're ready to create a NEW pattern, watch the video below and please share the link with friends! 

In this short video (UNDER 5 minutes long!) you will:
  • Identify the top characteristics of an over-giver + hear my personal story with it
  • Learn 3 steps that you can take in less than 1 minute to re-wire your subconscious and break the cycle
  • Be Invited to take action to help you stay accountable! 
After you watch the video, be sure to post your comment on this blog!
Now I want to hear from YOU!

1)   Do YOU have stories of over-extending or over-giving?

2)   What helps YOU raise your confidence? 
Post your comments and let’s help each other out!

 If you know that love/relationships is one area that has always been a challenge for you, I want YOU on my FREE tele-call on May 16th. It is recorded, but you must RSVP. Sign yourself up here!

Part I:
 It’s about knowing that you’re worth it. That you matter.

That what you have to say actually counts. 

It’s about counting your blessings and walking your talk

It’s about leading with love instead of fear.

Part II:
It’s about being the leader of your life instead of the passive follower.

It’s about looking fear square in the face and holding its hand.

It’s about raising the bar in every area of your life.

Where are you ready to raise the bar?

Part III
  It’s about cherishing what you DO have and loving your life NOW.

It’s about appreciating yourself and the people who care about you.

It’s about never taking anyone or anything for granted.

It’s about honoring your old self so that you can shed your skin and bust out and FLY But most of all, it’s about loving yourself from the inside out. Without apologies.

3 Things to Help You This May:

1) Radio Show: Every Tuesday night @10pm EST on 
 Tonight’s show is all about Feeling WORTHY/Raising your Worth Factor.

2) Sign up for my FREE Tele-call: How to RAISE your LOVE Mojo!
  May 16 @5:30pm PST
  Find out more and RSVP:
3) New! Reading: “Spring Clean Your Soul”
  When you’re house is clean, you sleep better, you can focus and you feel peaceful instead of anxious, exhausted and scattered. The same is true for your Soul and Spirit! When you clean up toxic debris from limiting beliefs and old karmic/past life patterns, it frees you up to manifest HUGE and attract opportunities in all areas of your life without unnecessary obstacles dragging you down. 
Check it out here:

Hi! I'm taking the day "off" to give myself some relaxation post New Orleans. It was an AMAZING, transformational trip and I am still processing it all. So today's post is super simple. Basically, I came to 3 conclusions from my experiences there that I hope you'll find useful and at the very least entertaining as we wrap up this action-packed April!

Lessons from New Orleans
1. Always be prepared for the unexpected. (It's more fun that way!)

As soon as I arrived, my friend Robyn was trying to get us out of Bourbon St and onto the highway and well...we couldn't even make it out of the parking lot because out of nowhere, we hear HORNS and then we see a float...and another one, and ANOTHER. Apparently, we didn't get the memo that there was an impromptu conference and corporate PARADE coming through with not one, but 20 floats! I got about 10 Mardi Gras beads and Robyn joked with me saying, "I planned your official grand welcome starting now!" (In New Orleans, they have a parade or festival for everything you can think of...even a POOCH parade for dogs!) See pic below.
Yay floats in the French Quarter
2. Your needs are ALWAYS met 
(and there is ALWAYS more than enough for everyone.)

New Orleans has OFF THE CHARTS amazing food. I don't have a  totally awesome picture for this one because well...I was too busy eating. During my time, I am proud to say that I ate chocolate or chocolate Mississippi mud pie everyday, jambalaya, crawfish pasta, crispy French bread, Fried chicken and other stuff that I don't even recall. I was touched by the Southern hospitality, kindness and true CARING spirit of everyone I met. And it reminded me of the true meaning of abundance-in every aspect of life, there is more than enough to go around and it is our true Nature to connect and share with our fellow human beings. <3
Strolling by the Mississippi River
3. Stay Humble & Pay it Forward

It was truly an honor to teach 3 seminars at the Journey to Wellness Center and its owner, Tianne, and all the participants who came made me feel so at home and supported. I learned so much from each of them and it reminded me that wherever we find ourselves, it is important to pass on the lessons that we have learned and never  take a minute we have on this Earth for granted. Stay in GRATITUDE and in service and you will never have a lonely day.
Me and 7 newly attuned Angel Reiki™ I Practitioners at Journey to Wellness Center in Metaire, Louisiana.

Ok...you guys know the drill!

Take Action: 
Which one of the 3 lessons speak to YOU this week? 
Add a comment and let me know!

Join us TONIGHT!
And be sure to tune into my radio show tonight @ 10pm EST!

Are you ready for DEEP HEALING?
I have a very special guest, Dr. Dorothy Neddermeyer, Ph.D, Metaphysician and Clinical Hypnotherapist who will be giving us some great tips on how to heal from the inside out. She is also gifting everyone a FREE 15 minute phone consultation! Let's wrap up April with a bang!
Her site: http://www.drdorothy.net
Dr. D!
Have you ever been to a masquerade ball?

(I haven’t either, but I REALLY want to go) and as I type this to you, I’m preparing for my trip to New Orleans, where who knows? I may get my chance! I hear anything is possible on Bourbon Street.

Back to Masks. They are shiny, glittery, or sometimes feathery presentations that can express how we are feeling (or wish we could feel) on the inside. I think of them as vehicles to create our Alter Egos. Ask yourself: Who do you FEEL like being today? What image do I choose to project? 

1) Going with your FIRST instinct, pick the mask you are drawn to. 
2) Read the message that corresponds to the mask you chose!

If you chose, 

Mask #1: 
This mask is about FUN and ESCAPE. You may literally have been feeling like running away from the ordinary and letting your Inner Child run the show. It's time to stop being so serious and add some PLAY into your day!

Mask #2:
This mask is about RETREATING into your Spiritual Self/studies. It's about allowing for the interplay of energy around you. The world may feel chaotic, but inside your world is still and calm. It's about being the observer in your life for a bit vs. taking action right now.

Mask #3:
This mask is about CLAIMING your power. You have nothing to hide and you are choosing to play the game of life but you are still in control, with both feet on the ground.  Remember to reward yourself as you tend to get a bit serious :)

Which mask did you choose? How did the message relate to what's going on in your life? I'd love to hear from you. Add a Comment!

And be sure to tune into my radio show (Tuesday, April 17) @ 10pm EST for my special guest, image consultant, Dana Lam! Call number: 724-444-1325

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I want a relationship. I want more money. I want...I want..I WANT!

Our desires are POWERFUL signals that are sent out into the Universe everyday. 

But what is the balance between an AUTHENTIC desire and an ADDICTION (which, according to Victor Bock can be seen as an "emotion-based demand)? 

How do you tell the difference?

One ATTRACTS love, money and prosperity in all forms. And one REPELS. 

Watch the video below and share your insights in the comments after you watch it!

  • Feels expansive, joyous
  • It feels bigger than YOU in a positive way. It has ripple effects way beyond your own life.
  • Healthy Detachment: At the thought of NOT receiving this, your subconscious says, "I would LOVE this, but if I do not receive it, I know that I'm still okay."

  • Feels anxiety-filled, constrictive and often has shallow breathing with it
  • It feels bigger than YOU in a negative way. CONSUMING and you may push away wonderful opportunities that do not feed this.
  • Unhealthy Attachment: At the thought of NOT receiving this, your fear-based Ego says, "If I don't get this, there is something WRONG with me."

A Healing Affirmation to Strengthen your ATTRACTION muscle.
Tip: For maximum benefit, before saying these, please GROUND yourself (go for a walk, take deep breaths in a distraction-free zone, make sure you are hydrated, etc). 

"It is safe for me to let go and led Spirit lead."

Important Note and Invitation: 
These affirmations are general and you are encouraged to change the words so that they ring authentic for YOU.

ps: If you would like help on breaking through YOUR specific limiting core beliefs and receive specific affirmations designed to re-train YOUR subconscious mind and attract massive results,consider investing in yourself with a 1:1 session with me. 
I'd love to help you!

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Tuning into the power of images and your own intuition:

1. Choose
Look at the pictures below, paying close attention to which one (#1, 2 or 3) calls to you.
Release judgement and go with your first instinct. 

2. What is your message?
Look below the pictures to see  particular theme that you are working on right now to help you move forward.  There is also a corresponding question to help you dive deeper into your own intuition. You may wish to journal about this or meditate on the  theme or the question. (descriptions below)
If you chose #1, your theme is:
  • BALANCE. Ask, "Where am I out of balance and what brings me back to center?"

If you chose #2, your theme is:
  • FREEDOM. Ask, "Where have I been afraid to let go and what would set me free right now?"

If you chose #3, your theme is:
  • INDEPENDENCE. Ask, "Where am choosing to play small in order to keep other people happy and where do I need to forge ahead in trust?"

Take Action:
1) Which one did you choose?
2) What about the particular picture, question or theme speaks to you?

Post a comment!

Join me TONIGHT on www.soulsjourneyradio.com (10pm Eastern) and let's close out March with a BANG! 

ps: Can we keep in touch?
Do you feel like your days are more filled with "To-Do" lists than time for the things you REALLY want to do?

I work with a lot of moms and CEO's and the #1 thing I see is that whenever the topic of "taking time out for YOU" comes up, I get a weird look or a laugh and comment that often times translates to, "I just don't have time for that."

So often, we put other people ahead of our own needs and priorities above our own and then we leave feeling EXHAUSTED, right?

If you are reading this and nodding, let me ask you this:

"What is it COSTING you to put yourself at the bottom of the list?"

(Answer this silently or aloud if you're brave)

*****I have 3 ways you can help yourself at the bottom of this email but first, an example:


One of my clients (I'll call her Sally) who works for herself replied with,

"Putting myself last, I feel like it's costing me ENERGY. I want to go to my yoga class and it would GIVE me energy but getting myself there after putting in 12+ hours, I just want to lie down and sleep...only instead I end up answering emails and the work never seems to stop. It's costing me a LOT."

After connecting with Sally and diving a bit deeper, she discovered that other costs that came from a lack of energy=lack of JOY for the things she used to love to do=MORE crankiness=LESS focus and eventually, she noticed, LESS MONEY. (It finally hit home with that last one!)

"My sales and profits actually started to DECREASE with respect to all the hours and energy I was putting in. And that was my wake-up call."


A few weeks later, Sally shared, "It's still really hard to justify the time when things get crazy, but I decided to stop checking email in the morning and instead, I make myself a cup of tea and read Interior Design, a magazine that has been living on my coffee table for weeks but I never seem to get a chance to read. It's a treat and it takes about 15 minutes. And I'm a LOT more focused than I was before. And to top it off, I just got a new client and business is starting to feel fun again!"

So, if we reverse the formula:

MORE "ME" TIME=More Energy=Less Stress=More Money$=More FUN!

It doesn't get any better than that in my book!


3 Ways to Celebrate YOU this week:

1. Got 1 minute?
Close your eyes and take a full breath in through the nose for a count of 2. Exhale slowly through the nose for a count of 3.
Then steadily increase the number if you feel like it. It will lower your blood pressure and release tension quickly.

2. Got 10 minutes?
Shut off the phone and go for a walk outside going in a different direction than you normally go.
When we take a new path (literally), it activates a different part of the brain and stimulates your creativity!

3. Got 1 hour?
Come to my Thursday virtual MESSAGE CIRCLE to celebrate the NEW MOON and new beginnings for you!
You'll get to ask a question/get a personalized message from Spirit, de-stress with the Angels in a powerful meditation that you can listen to over and over again (yay technology!) and meet other like-minded folks!

RSVP here:

Love you and wishing you a FABULOUS start to SPRING!

Intuitive Coach, Gabrielle Loomis

This week, we touch upon a sensitive topic: How to Break the Addiction to Approval 

 When we constantly look on the outside for approval, I have found that it stems from a single limiting belief that may look like some version of:

"I am not good enough"


Well, I am going to challenge that thought this week and say, YOU ARE more than enough. Just as you are. You are beautiful and strong.

And my guest tonight, Intuitive Coach, Gabrielle Marie Loomis shared a powerful message about this today:

She says, "If you heal, evolve or grow and you believe someone else is doing it to you or for you, then you will have temporary results. It cannot be any other way because you are confirming the false belief that your power lies outside of you. True and permanent evolution happens only when you awaken to your own power to heal and create your desires as reality."


Take Action:
1) What are YOUR thoughts on the quote above?
Post a comment here!

2) Join us tonight for a continuation of this topic!
10pm Eastern on www.soulsjourneyradio.com
Check out Gabrielle's Facebook page here:

3) RSVP for the New Moon Message Circle THIS THURSDAY!
This is a once-a-month gathering that leaves you feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and connected to yourself and where you're headed for the next cycle.
If you've always wanted to get a reading with me, this is a great introduction to working with me as each participant gets to ask a specific question/get a New Moon message to help you move forward on your Path. 

RSVP here: 

Have a fabulous week!

1. "I'm hearing that___________________"

2. Ask, "Is that right?

Take Action!
  • What are tips that help YOU feel heard in a relationship? Post a comment and share this post with a friend!
  • Join us on March 22nd for the NEW MOON MESSAGE CIRCLE!

Love, Diana 
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