Me and one of the world's greatest huggers and Earth Angels, my Grandpa Carlos,in Tucson, Arizona. Note: Did you see the sundae out front? We are definitely related!

Okay....on the count of 3, you will feel all warm + fuzzy + relaxed! 


1-2-3! open your eyes!

<<<VIRTUAL ANGEL HUG from me and all the Archangels to YOU!>>>

I hope I made you laugh or at least smile a little :)

If you've been feeling like you need a lot more hugs or comfort than normal, you're in GREAT company my friend!

We're approaching a full moon on December 10th which means it's prime time for:

#1 Wrapping things up + getting organized (remember that drawer you keep saying you're going to clean?)

#2 Re-connecting with old friends + making peace/forgiving all around

#3 Shutting the door (or having it shut FOR you!) on certain places, faces and situations that just well...don't quite fit with who you are or who you want to be anymore (AND BEING OKAY with it all!) 

Which one of those 3 are YOU experiencing right now?
Scroll down and Add a Comment!

And remember: The Angels will never give you more than you can handle. Breathe. Slow down. Re-boot.
I'll see you on the other end + you can bet there will be tons more hugs!

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12/08/2011 15:00

THANK YOU for the hug - right on the count of three I felt the warmth of you and my angels :)
I am actually in the middle of all three items you listed! 1- I am going to have a major surgery tomorrow and I have been organizing and preparing at home and at work like crazy. This is a major change for me because I am ridding myself of pain that I have been dealing with (because I didn't want the surgery) for too many years. 2- Actually, here I am accepting that some of my "old" friends that I have not been able to keep in contact with are most likely not going to be in my future - and, I am okay with that. I am not taking their choices personal. 3- I am taking the time while i am recouping to reflect, gather my intention for my future and will be leaving my job after the first of the year so that I can embrace my calling as a light worker :)
Love and Light to you Diana

Diana Dorell
12/08/2011 16:05

Dear Tara,
First off, You GO Goddess! It takes so much faith and courage to leave behind the old and familiar and move WITH your fear as opposed to letting it stop you. We all send you beams of Angel healing light for your surgery-let us know how you are doing! With Love,
Diana Dorell


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