There are three Goddesses that want to shed their wisdom for us this week!
The Goddess Oonagh says, "Stop worrying about the timing of the events
most close to you. Your soul is ready to relax and surrender to the Divine
timing where everything works smoothly and perfectly for all parties
involved. At the beginning of the week when you feel that Mars energy
surge within you it can be easy to feel you must do it all and more. But,
Spirit advises you to slow down, observe and take note of all the inner
stirrings going on before taking on more than you can handle physically
and mentally right now.

Wed-Thursday:As you follow OOnagh's guidance for Monday-Tuesday, the
Goddess Athena shares: "That one situation. That one person. That one
project that is consuming your thoughts are at the forefront of Tuesday
and possibly into Wed. TAKE ACTION. You already are in touch with how you
feel and what you deserve out of this situation. We start obsessing when
we don't have the answers from the other party but we forget that our
answers, our truth is there waiting for us to notice so that we can take
one action step. Pick up the phone, make the uncomfortable email, but for
Goddess Sake, stand up for yourself Dear One! I will be there when you
feel most afraid, although the worst is all in your head.

It's the lovely Goddess Sulis, who says, "You deserve to flow with your
life and reap the rewards for standing your ground and moving out of your
comfort zone. Take a sea salt bath or if funds permit, plan a weekend trip
near an ocean or lake to recharge and reflect on where you have come from
and where you are headed. It's a powerful healing week, charged with high
emotions, impulsive decisions and much self-assessment."

Tune in for next week's "Goddess Guidance" corner with Diana Dorell!



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