In this video, I’m going to share a very important 2012 Law that can help support you make the most of this new energy we are heading into: The Law of Applying Your Inner Artist.

To illustrate the Law on Action, I’d like to share a quick story that just happened to me heading back from the Holidays!


1)   What is something that you feel called to work on for 2012?
For me, it was absolutely important for me to get my space feeling like “home” because I knew it would affect so many things in my life.

2)How could you apply the 2012 Law of “Applying Your Inner Artist?” to help you birth it?
  Ex: I sketched in my journal and made lists. Maybe you want to dance in your living room for 10 minutes to “call” in a vision. Get creative!

3) Tell me about it!
I would love to hear from you and see what beauty and miracles unfold this week!

You can do that by posting a comment below this video!

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Me and one of the world's greatest huggers and Earth Angels, my Grandpa Carlos,in Tucson, Arizona. Note: Did you see the sundae out front? We are definitely related!

Okay....on the count of 3, you will feel all warm + fuzzy + relaxed! 


1-2-3! open your eyes!

<<<VIRTUAL ANGEL HUG from me and all the Archangels to YOU!>>>

I hope I made you laugh or at least smile a little :)

If you've been feeling like you need a lot more hugs or comfort than normal, you're in GREAT company my friend!

We're approaching a full moon on December 10th which means it's prime time for:

#1 Wrapping things up + getting organized (remember that drawer you keep saying you're going to clean?)

#2 Re-connecting with old friends + making peace/forgiving all around

#3 Shutting the door (or having it shut FOR you!) on certain places, faces and situations that just well...don't quite fit with who you are or who you want to be anymore (AND BEING OKAY with it all!) 

Which one of those 3 are YOU experiencing right now?
Scroll down and Add a Comment!

And remember: The Angels will never give you more than you can handle. Breathe. Slow down. Re-boot.
I'll see you on the other end + you can bet there will be tons more hugs!

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