You may feel incredibly sensitive and introspective as the week begins. See the positive and Light in each situation and person you meet and take nothing personally. Take time to honor your Goddess nature through self-care and movement, especially dance for an opening of the sacral chakra will unlock many of the answers you seek. You may encounter a stubborn person or situation that brings a halt to your momentum as the week concludes, but if you can slow down and ask questions based in fairness for all parties, a smooth outcome that benefits all will emerge. 

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Stay strong Goddesses and we will talk next week!. Love,
Happy Holidays! This week's Goddess Guidance is from the High Priestess Dana. She shares:
"This is a time of great transformation and it is more vital than ever before to ground yourself as the energies that abound appear to throw things off course. This week you are invited to see yourself as the brilliant high priest/priestess of your life. You are the Wise One, and the choices you are considering this week say much about the progress you have made. And remember, you always make a choice, even if you don't choose-the not choosing is a choice to have things remain as they are. I will lend you my regal nature for you already possess it inside of you but are simply remembering that are allowed to be powerful."

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The Goddess Cordelia reminds us that this week it is tempting to stay indoors and crawl into our little caves where we feel safe and can nurse our hurts, disappointments and old wounds. But, we are all urged to take ourselves OUTSIDE our everyday environment, even if it is just for 15 min/day. A walk and some fresh air will get your energy moving and also help move out the stuck feelings and ideas that need freeing! Take a walk on the Wild Side-go somewhere new, take a different path home and pay attention to the messages all around you. Animals, songs on the radio, repetitive thoughts, feathers, coins. Pay attention.

Until next week!
Tune into my radio show this Tuesday, Dec. 15th with my special guest, Erin Wight as we take your calls for free readings!


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