who am I? 

why am I here? 

why are things moving so SLOWLY? 

Do any of those questions ever run through your mind?

 if you said "YES!" you are not alone! 

 This New Moon period we are in until Dec. 10 is all about the BIG QUESTIONS. On top of that we are in Mercury Retrograde, a period energetically when things move SLOWER, there can be DELAYS in communication/ travel or BREAKDOWNS (emotional, electrical, etc). Intense is an understatement and PATIENCE is the name of the game for the next two weeks or so! 

Have you experienced any of the above?

Click on the video below for a funny, true story I experienced on Friday about delays and technical snafus that turned out to be a blessing in disguise!

ALERT: You get to see my snazzy new hair cut! :)

 Delays and Breakdowns are sometimes Spirit's way of slowing us down... So we can re-consider, re-create and RE-member who we are. Spirits having a human experience. 

So the next time your cell phone acts up, someone cuts you off in traffic or you feel your patience slipping, remember to take a breath and ask:

 "What I meant to see here?" 

 Even if nothing comes right away, by simply asking the question, you have the potential to calm your energy, see it from a new perspective and reap the power of the present moment. <3 

Take Action: 
1) Do you have a funny or memorable Mercury Retrograde story? 

 2) Do you have any suggestions on how to deal with delays, miscommunications OR a tip/book that has helped YOU stay centered during so much change?

3)  POST your insights here: http://www.TheDancingGoddess.com 

 Let's help each other out! This period can be super insightful or super frustrating. I choose the first one! How about you?
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 I love you! 
 Have a wonderful week and if you enjoyed this week's newsletter, pass it along! Love, Diana

One of my best friends, Carenda R and I in Sedona. I am so grateful for all my spirit family connections and that includes YOU! <3

How to Make the Most of the New Moon Cycle:
6 Principles of Gratitude...Goddess-style!

1. Gratitude is feeling full in Spirit even when you have been stripped of a relationship, money or anything material.

2. Gratitude is knowing that you are strong even when your heart has been ripped open,"operated" on, healed and ripped open yet again.

3. Gratitude is loving yourself enough to say NO until you can say YES with a full resounding heart.

4. Gratitude is embracing both the Light and the Shadow within you and others.

5. Gratitude is taking nothing and no one for granted. 

6. Gratitude is trusting that Spirit will gladly take over when you finally decide to stop doing it all yourself!

Take Action: Which Principle Speaks to you? Why?
Post a comment on the blog here: 

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Love you! Happy Thanksgiving and remember: stay in gratitude <3
"see" you air tonight at 10pm EDT!

Diana <3
The amazing Will Smith. Comedian, Actor, Father, Husband and Inspiration!
A few years ago, when I was just moving to San Francisco, I was invited to be a featured extra on the set of the movie, "Pursuit of Happy-ness" starring Will Smith. 
I was there for 4 days and the wisdom I gained during that time can be summed up in the video below. Disclaimer: Feel free to laugh at my fun hat :) 

What's in this video:
1. 2 tips from Will Smith that apply to developing your intuition and pretty much every area of your life.
2. An invitation for you this week 
3. Lots of Diana Love.

After you watch it:
If you enjoyed it, please post a comment, share, Like on FB, Tweet-let's spread the wisdom around. Especially post 11-11-11, it's all about love, community and connection. You never know who may need to hear exactly what you have to share.

Some of the fabulous Soothe Your Soul Goddesses looking lovely at Sedona's Boyton Canyon.
11:11 has been called a Gate-Way, A Portal to the New and many other things.
Below is a channeled message I received post-Sedona from a Native American guide. I will expand on the message on my radio show tonight (10pm EDT) so please tune in if you want more. 

"Your people have reached a pinnacle point in their lives where it is no longer healthy to hold onto resentments based on another time. That time is gone forever. You may ask, 'Why is this or that falling away from my life?' Ask the question, but know deep in your truth that all that is being removed at this time has its own place. De-tach and Re-attach to your Spirit. Your Bliss. What moves you? What place have you been neglecting deep inside you that longs to dance out? Dance your bliss and it will find you. The search is over. When we search, we fear that we will not find it or that there will not be enough for us. Dance your bliss NOW. Feel your new life NOW. The portal will close at midnight on 11:11:11 and the choices you make will be with you permanently. Ask us to help you make choices that serve Humanity and the Higher Consciousness. We need your help. It is time to shine and shed your Light on this troubled world. Beauty and Bliss. That is all. Will you accept your bliss?"

Take Action:
What will YOU call in this week?
What are you DONE with this week?
Pick one of the questions below and post a comment. Let's support each other in this transformational opening!

"See" you on air tonight!

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What are your dreams?

What is that ONE thing that you keep saying you want to do but haven't?

Maybe it's to write your first book.

Or to run your first marathon (I'll cheer you on!)

Or to start your own side business doing what you REALLY want to do.

Whatever it is, there's one thing I know for sure-that to succeed, you have to get past the "10" period to get anywhere.

The "10" secret
I'm talking about the first 10 minutes before you actually start taking action towards your dream. It's that 10 minute window where you can let your screaming fear thoughts stop you with all your whiny, logical, rational justifications for why you CAN'T start. Or it's that 10 minute window where you can say, "Thanks for playing Ego, but I'm DOING THIS with both eyes open, heart open and full speed 100%."

Goddess Confession
I used to run track in high school and no matter how much I had trained or how much my coach reassured me that I was awesome, the first 10 minutes before I hit the starting line were BRUTAL. I would come up with ridiculous things like, "Coach, I think I might throw up!" (He said..okay, so do it.) I'd say, "I think I have to pee. What if I don't make it back in time?" (He said, just go pee while you're running.) (Gross....I never did that but you get the gist right?) My mind came up with EVERY REASON under the sun as to why I couldn't just freakin get to the starting line!

But here's the thing
You only get 10 minutes to battle it out or surrender to your dream. Anything past that and the Ego usually wins out and then you are back in the comfortably numb place where you started. Back to the excuses. Back to the "wouldn't it be cool if..." thoughts where NOTHING CHANGES.

Goddess Tough Love
And if it DOES take you more than 10 minutes to rationalize getting started on your dream, I am going to challenge you with this possibility:

Maybe you just don't want it THAT bad. 

(It's better to know NOW and start forming a new dream around something that REALLY makes your Soul Sing!)

What Getting Started Means
I'm not asking you to write an entire book proposal in 10 minutes.
But, could you write a page or brainstorm an outline?
I'm not asking you to go to the gym for 5 hours and expecting you to run 26.5 miles tomorrow.
But, could you get a calendar and mark off specific days you're going to work out to get to your goal?
I'm not asking you to quit your job and have a business plan in 10 minutes?
But, could you ask, "How do I intend to make a difference in my new business?" and journal about it?
Ok...it's TAKE ACTION TIME!1) What is ONE small step you are committing to TODAY to move your dream forward?

2) For social proof + group pats on the back, POST A COMMENT with your step!

3) Please hit "TWEET" and SHARE on FACEBOOK! 



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