11/23: Connect. The Angels say, "Where have you been out of touch with someone important in your life? Reach out to them today and if you are unable to connect, send your message through us and we will make sure they receive it from a place of pure, divine love."
PS: A great angel for this is ArchAngel Gabrielle, for Communication and Creativity

You can say, "Thank you Gabrielle for delivering the Highest Vibration of this message to (insert person's name) and help me release any negative energy or charge around this."

This week's Guest: Jane Noble Knight
4pm EST!

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Jane's website: www.thepilgrimmother.com

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today's channeled message from the Angels:
Re-Direct! The Angels say, "A new direction is inevitable, either through a physical move, change in an important relationship or in your area of employment. Rest assured that these changes are for the best. To keep your energy high, communicate any fears or worries to us through prayer, writing or movement. All is well." 

Tip From Diana: One of the ways that can help you move with change is to notice the different numbers you are drawn to during your day. Each number has a specific, special vibration and it's fun to keep a notepad and see which ones repeat! 

Tuesday's Show with Celebrity Numerologist, Tania Gabrielle!
Take Action: Do you have a question about Numerology? Do you keep seeing certain numbers and have no idea what it means? Please post your questions as comments using the Green Comment Button and Diana will pick the ones Spirit guides us to ask Tania during the live interview!

Show date: Tuesday, November 16
Time: 10pm EST
Where: www.soulsjourneyradio.com

November Question: 
How will YOU Nurture yourself this month?

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“Stop Speaking?!” 
Are you mad?
I thought to myself when I read that one of the rules of our Vision Quest was to observe silence for close to a day and a half.  I knew that I had to go to Santa Fe and was all for experiencing something new, but I wasn’t prepared for that.

And when I arrived, I received a cute little gift bag with a strange cardboard cut out of what looked like a bug. I saw others coloring it using the cute Hello Kitty markers we also got in the bag, but I just couldn't get into it.

The Talking Stick
I looked at my mentor who explained to us all that that was our “Talking Stick.” We were to raise it during our period of no talking in case there was an image or message that we were absolutely unable to work out ourselves.  
Can I raise it and say, “You don’t understand! This is what I DO! I communicate for a living! I might go insane?!”

I started to debate and then pleaded my case to Spirit. I tried really hard to hear an answer that would mitigate my concerns, but they didn’t say anything, which just frustrated me more.

The Lesson
Which is of course, exactly the lesson I was there to learn: 
Silence is an answer in itself.

And you know what?

It wasn’t so bad.

It was actually pretty powerful and after the inevitable period of discomfort where you feel like you are at war with your own thoughts, it DOES subside and there IS a point where you hit a plateau of peace and stillness.

I’ll be honest: it was rather humbling to observe and funny at the same time to see how much energy we can pour into wanting to be understood by others and feel connected through language, when it’s really ourselves that we need to connect with first.  

I will write more about my experience for our November monthly e-newsletter (coming out in the next week!) as I am still processing it, but for this week, I’ll leave you with:

“Never understimate the power of silence. You can say more through silence than you ever could by speaking.”


This week, I invite you to close your eyes and get quiet. And I mean REALLY quiet. No talking, no sound that is within your control like TV, cell phone ringer, radio, music, etc. Zip.

1)Choose the length

10min/day this week?

24 hours on Thursday?

You choose. The length of time is totally up to you, but for you to truly reap the most benefits, consider making it just a hair longer than feels comfortable and easy.

2) Post a COMMENT on the blog about your experience.
I’d love to hear how it goes for you!

My Show Topics and Last Week’s Replay: 11/2, 11/4

*Self Care for the Soul

(I will sharing channeled messages about November and taking your calls for FREE readings!)

*NOTE: We’ve had some issues with the call-in lines, so I’m going to give you 2 numbers to try for tonight’s radio show. Write them down.

724-444-1325 OR 646-595-4473 or listen online at www.soulsjourneyradio.com

Did you miss last week’s radio show on ArchAngel Gabrielle?

Listen to it again here: http://www.soulsjourneyradio.com/wp-content/uploads/Dancing-to-the-beat-10-26-10.mp3


Have a fantastic rest of the week and look out for our November newsletter!





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