Hope you had a restful Thanksgiving break. The Goddesses are back in action with us this week reminding us of all the fantastic potential we hold within us. This week's Goddesses are Freyja, Butterfly Maiden and Ishtar. Enjoy!

Mon-Wed: It's time to unleash your sexy, bold self! Stop playing it safe and if you are asking about a relationship, it's time to up your game and change up the rules. After all, what's the point of having rules and not breaking them or at the very least, bending them?

Thurs-Fri: You are shedding so much of the old it can be hard to tell where your old self ends and the new one begins. You may feel tempted to throw out old clothes, furniture or even cut your hair in a new style that resonates with your new energy. You may not recognize yourself and this is OK! You are in a cocoon, still sprouting your wings, so just enjoy this transformative time.

Sat-Sun: As you head into the weekend, you will be asked to set your own schedule and remember that no one can make you do anything without your consent. Give yourself permission to set firm boundaries around how you choose to expend your energy and if you feel like being alone do it. If you feel like being spontaneous and hosting an event, do it. But, for Goddess Sake, know that you hold the reins and have the right to choose whose company you want to keep. Choose wisely.

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Much love,
Diana Dorell
Happy Thanksgiving week! From the Goddesses Bast, Sulis and Eireen:

Mon-Wed: You will be called to draw on your independence and know that self-sufficiency does not mean "doing it all yourself" but rather drawing from your inner Spirit/inner Source to fill up your emotional well so your Light radiates from within regardless of outside influences.

Thurs-Fri: You may feel very emotional and need to retreat within yourself and if you can spend time near water do so as water is the most powerful healing agent. Also these days calls for flexibility in regards to a schedule as plans could shift last minute. Be patient and know that these changes are truly for the best.

Sat-Sun: Be gentle with yourself and know that your family (however you define this) loves you very much. Take steps to nurture a child or perhaps your own Inner Child. Peac is what you'll find when you give to others from a genuinely full heart. Love, find love and be love.

Join me for more Goddess guidance next week and enjoy the daily messages from Spirit on Facebook Fan Page.

Diana Dorell
This week is about loving yourself and every situation that Spirit presents, regardless of the outward appearance of them. Mon and Tues ask that you tap into your Goddess/feminine energy by beautifying your space (home, work, your body/mind/Spirit) and let people help you. The feminine energy is receptive but receiving help does not mean you are any less powerful. There is strength in asking for help just as much as there is in giving it. Wed-Thursday tests this strength by putting one or two situations/encounters that let you assert your opinions and make some important choices regarding career and how others view you. Try not to take anything personally, but you will have something to say, so DO IT! You will be heard. We close out the weekend with lightness and a sense of hope. It's a weekend of miracles/miracle encounters, so see everyone you meet as a teacher for you and you a teacher for them. Magick happens when you least expect it.

Have a blessed week everyone. Sending you lots of Goddess love today and we'll talk next week.

Diana Dorell
There are three Goddesses that want to shed their wisdom for us this week!
The Goddess Oonagh says, "Stop worrying about the timing of the events
most close to you. Your soul is ready to relax and surrender to the Divine
timing where everything works smoothly and perfectly for all parties
involved. At the beginning of the week when you feel that Mars energy
surge within you it can be easy to feel you must do it all and more. But,
Spirit advises you to slow down, observe and take note of all the inner
stirrings going on before taking on more than you can handle physically
and mentally right now.

Wed-Thursday:As you follow OOnagh's guidance for Monday-Tuesday, the
Goddess Athena shares: "That one situation. That one person. That one
project that is consuming your thoughts are at the forefront of Tuesday
and possibly into Wed. TAKE ACTION. You already are in touch with how you
feel and what you deserve out of this situation. We start obsessing when
we don't have the answers from the other party but we forget that our
answers, our truth is there waiting for us to notice so that we can take
one action step. Pick up the phone, make the uncomfortable email, but for
Goddess Sake, stand up for yourself Dear One! I will be there when you
feel most afraid, although the worst is all in your head.

It's the lovely Goddess Sulis, who says, "You deserve to flow with your
life and reap the rewards for standing your ground and moving out of your
comfort zone. Take a sea salt bath or if funds permit, plan a weekend trip
near an ocean or lake to recharge and reflect on where you have come from
and where you are headed. It's a powerful healing week, charged with high
emotions, impulsive decisions and much self-assessment."

Tune in for next week's "Goddess Guidance" corner with Diana Dorell!

Feeling extra sensitive? Craving comfort food? Feel like taking everything slower than normal and just being quiet? Welcome to the Taurus Full Moon energy!

Taurus, the sign of Sensuality invites you to SLOW DOWN and indulge in your senses. It's time to revel in your body-moving it, taking care of it and listening to it. If you are feeling extra sensual and romantic, act on it! This is NOT the time for serious talks or back and forth debates.

You will get NOWHERE fast. The only way to go is to assess all the options, tune into which one feels, yes, the most comfortable in your body and WAIT. (I know, all your impatient Rams or Twins may be really frustrated with me right now, but that's the way it goes.)

Things will become clearer in the next few days. So, for now, turn on your favorite jazz music, open a bottle of wine (or heat up a cup of cocoa), order in and give your body the reins and your mind a long-deserved REST.

I'd write more but I am making dinner......

Your Astrological Angel,
Diana Dorell


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