The Story:
10:30am. It's hot as a furnace and my hair looks like it got electrocuted. (I'm in the Caribbean  waiting for the guy to bring me my horse for a "fun beach adventure" and wearing the only pants I have-black of course and close toed shoes-ballet flats. Hey, I didn't know they had horseback riding when I packed!). 

Side note: The last time I did that was in Corpus Christi, Texas. I was 12, my sister was 8 and despite all reservations and fears, I mounted the chocolate brown horse, who decided it would fun to step on jelly fish and then of course, got freaked out and started galloping at full speed away from the pack, eventually almost throwing me down. It was not good. But I digress. 


I snap out of my daydream as the Head Honcho guy helps me mount a cute chestnut colored horse whose mane looks like a mohawk. I smile enthusiastically and the horse stares at me with profound disinterest  as if to say, "I've done this twice already today. Who are you, someone special?" and with a snap of Head Honcho's finger, our fun beach adventure begins! 

All was going well-the beautiful green-blue waves crash to my right and we pass a group of local children who point and flash their perfect white smiles, waving and saying things in Spanish that I barely catch. My 12 year old memory is far from my mind and I'm actually starting to loosen my death grip on the reins and relax. I look to my right and left and am relieved to see that there are no jelly fish anywhere to be found. We are happily following along with the rest of the  pack at a comfortable pace and I feel safe.

And then Bitri starts showing her true colors. 

#1 She starts ramming her face into another horse's backside and insists on being in the center of the pack, nevermind the fact that this means squashing all the riders' feet  to either side of her (and mine) against the metal stirrups because there is no room! She does this several times and I hear "Ow!" which makes me cringe.

I hear the words, "I'm so sorry... my horse is kind of a spaz..she just does what she wants" leave my lips and the nods of sympathy and annoyance follow.

I feel my face start to get hot. I will control you horse, I vow.

#2 Each time I attempt to steer her in a different direction using the reins, she thinks it is fun to go into the ocean water deep enough to freak me out and full on STOP in the middle of the water leaving us WAY behind the pack. Not even Head Honcho's yells in sharp Spanish make her budge an inch. 

#3 Once we join up with the pack (on her terms...stubborn girl!) and we come to the home stretch back to the holding stable, Head Honcho makes a couple of strange sounds and the next thing we know, the horses are in a perfect single file line like school children taking orders from their teacher to head back to classroom.

Except Bitri and me. 
To my embarrassment and sheer terror, she starts to GALLOP full throttle away from the pack line, head back into the water and then as my heart beat starts to really race, she comes back to the line and starts promptly doing #2 for all the other horses behind her to either step through and side step carefully! 

As I dismount, I purposely avert my eyes away from Head Honcho, sheepishly handing his helper my black riding helmet. And then, I see that they are both smiling at me.

And it's that critical moment when you can either start to sob uncontrollably or laugh. And thank Goddess, I start laughing my head off! 

I pat Bitri (she neighed!). "Gracias for the fun adventure silly girl!" I whisper in her ear and make  a mental note to never wear patent ballet flats while riding ever again. :)

But the experience did yield 3 important lessons that I'd like to share.

Lesson #1: Each Experience is Unique. 
It is easy to let past experiences color your present, but it's so much less pressure and more fun when we let Spirit surprise us by showing up in the uniqueness of Now.

Lesson #2: Veering Away from the Pack Doesn't Mean You will Never Return
I gained an entirely new perspective standing still in that water and galloping unexpectedly than I maybe would have if Bitri had just followed the prescribed course. When you feel that going in your own direction away from what you have known is for your Highest Good, follow that for Goddess sake! You may end up in the same or similar place later on, but you will have come back to it from an entirely new perspective.

Lesson #3: When you find yourself in Horse Sh*@, Laugh!
Life may throw you curveballs. Change is inevitable. But wouldn't you prefer to laugh your way through them than stress out? Either way, you end up in the same place, so the choice is up to you.

1) Which Lesson (#1, #2 or #3) speaks to you this week?Why?

2) Post your comment using the green comment button up left. 

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Have an excellent week!
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(in the past or in the present)

 Reflection Questions:

“What were the effects of that choice on your life, your well-being, your relationships with others, including Spirit?”

 “What could be possible for you if you opened your heart even more than it is now?”

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Have a fantastic week!

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To process my recent move to AZ and ground my energy, I've been taking long walks in the desert and I keep seeing these adorable cotton-tail bunnies! Seeing them somehow felt like home, like they were there to comfort me through this transition.

But, no matter how fast I run or how gently I approach them, they seem to disappear before my eyes before I can even say," Thanks for letting me see you and BTW,You are so cute!"

And today I finally got it.

*We must walk WITH that which comforts us AND that which triggers us, instead of chasing or running away from it. True comfort lies within us, although it's nice to have reminders like animals, people, and other things outside us to enhance what is already there."

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