Tele-Class: Channeling with the Angels
Wed, October 21 from 6:45-7:45pm ET

Many people right now are feeling the effects of being in a job that no longer makes their heart sing and others are at a crossroads with a relationship. If you are feeling stuck in either of these areas, know that you are not alone. The Angels, with their gentle guidance and loving, yet clear messages want to help! But, first we have to be open to receiving their guidance as they will never impede on our Free Will.

My story:
I remember being at a crossroads in a past-relationship awhile ago with a man I thought I would marry. He came from a different culture than I did and as much as we loved each other, no matter what I did or how much I tried to alter myself, I was never going to be what his family wanted for him because I was from a different world. The break-up was incredibly painful and I remember questioning who I was and what I was willing to stand up for (mainly myself!). Why didn't he stand up for us? Should I have tried harder? Was I asking too much? Here's a secret I will tell you about professional intuitives- we may be dialed into a Higher Dimension but we still face the same insecurities and fears as the next person! I turned to the Angels and Goddesses for guidance who shared with me some very candid, yet gentle messages that made the transition SO much more bearable. I found that when I stood up for ME and what I knew I needed, the focus completely shifted. No blame. Just a quiet realization and a re-centering. The Angels never cease to amaze me.

About the class:
I have designed the class for all who seek Angelic guidance, especially during what feels like an uncertain economic and emotional climate. Class starts with a 10 minute guided meditation and channeled message from the Angels for the group SPECIFICALLY. The remainder of the class is interactive AND individual: each participant gets to ask a question and will receive:

1) A channeled message from me thru the Angels AND

2) Any messages that the OTHER participants (all intuitive of course) pick up on for your Highest Good. It is also a great place to practice using your intuition in an intimate, loving environment. *Note: If you are unable to be in class, you can still e-mail me your question and we will answer it and send you the recording!

I am aware that finances are tight for many right now, so I have made this tele-class extra affordable ($19.99 with a FREE recording included).

Sign up here! (only a few spots left)
  “Will you write about love for us, Diana?” I read as I opened my e-mail from an online magazine editor. My solar plexus got extremely tight and my Ego had a field day. What do you know about love, Diana? You aren’t even married or in a committed relationship. Who do you think you are? But, I believe that we are called to this Earth to confront (and eventually speak on) the very issues/lessons that make us feel insecure and uncertain. So, naturally, I called on the Celtic Goddess Isolt (yes,from Isolde and Tristan). I figured that after enduring a passionate love triangle involving her husband, King Mark of Cornwall and Sir Tristan, a handsome and noble knight…she’d know a little something on the trials and tribulations of this thing we call Love.


Q: What do you want us to know about love, Goddess Isolt?


A: (channeled)“Many of you have experienced a great loss in your life. A great love. A great job. A great home. So often we try and skip over our grief in an effort to “get on with it” and act with the mentality that it wasn’t the perfect match, the perfect opportunity or the perfect location. But, the grieving process is where I urge you to look. That uncomfortable, vulnerable part of you that wants to cry, scream, kick and throw a tantrum. The part you never let anyone see for fear of what they may think of you. But, the real question is, “Are you willing to live authentically in all directions, even if that means having to stray from what others perceive you as?” Real strength comes from honoring the parts of you that are hurt, for even in the hurt, there is love. If your answer is a resounding YES, congratulations. An uncertain period of self-doubt, self-criticism or self-denial may follow. But know that after you move through this period comes the real prize: Forgiveness and a genuine ability to love yourself again (and another). Know that true love never dies. It merely changes form. And at the end of the day, it is your smile, your self-love (and in turn your ability to give love to all) and your beautiful Spirit that lives on forever. No beautiful true love ever dies. Remember that.”


And so it is. I am happy to report that after channeling this message, my stomach completely relaxed. Thank Goddess!


Diana Dorell is a professional writer and intuitive in the SF Bay Area. She hosts “The Dancing Goddess Show!” every Tuesday on and is also a beloved psychic advisor/healer on


Today, as I was walking home, I noticed the moon and how bright it was with the Aries Full Moon. There was a sense of urgency and anticipation in the air and as I put on my hoodie and felt the wind blow me in this direction and that, I felt a surge of glee and unanticipated freedom: anything was (is) possible. Fall is officially here in the Bay Area and I can think of nothing more exciting than curling up at home and nurturing an idea. Or two. Or three. My fears of not knowing where to focus (and therefore focusing on none!) come secondary to my desire to create. Write. Cook. Bubble bath. I could do them all in that order. Or...take a fantastic bubble bath...while writing and having something cooking in the oven. Or cook something, eat it and brainstorm a piece to write while sitting in the bubble bath. I's not linear or profound. But, if you are feeling a bit scattered in thought, but full of drive and heart, know that you are NOT alone.

With the Full Moon in Aries, you may resonate with the following:
*Needing to do something NOW and FAST, having your mind move at lightning speed with your hands or mouth trying desperately to keep up.
*Feeling a 'fire' in your solar plexus
*A general urgency to communicate, especially when it comes to articulating your needs in Relationships (both in the workplace and at home)
*The Colors Red and Orange
*Wanting to take the lead when you normally follow
*Experiencing intense sexual urges/fantasies or dreams. (don't be afraid of this!)
*Juggling more than one (or 5) projects or ideas at once

What you can do:
*Keep a to-do list and if you are doing a creative project, make a DEADLINE AND STICK TO IT.
*Be aware of how you say things-they may come out more blunt than you intend, so take a moment! (you will thank yourself later) :)
*Call on the Goddess Freyja (say her name 3 times whenever you are feeling overwhelmed or out of your power).

Sending you lots of love and fiery inspiration tonight! Have a wonderful weekend.


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