Take Action: 
This week, when something is bugging you, ask, "What about this CONCERNS me?" Go into your Heart Space + Listen for Creative Solutions to reveal themselves!

What are YOUR thoughts on this idea of Fear Vs. Concern?

Post a comment here!


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So...it's 2am & I was tossing and turning in bed feeling overwhelmed (in a WONDERUL way!) with gratitude.

For you.

For being a part of my life and my online family.

My mind has so many thoughts that it's hard to keep up sometimes. (can you relate?)

That's what this week is all about: 
Overflowing emotions,
Heightened sensations and 
GRATITUDE for all that makes you YOU.****

Even though I have never met some of you, I feel as if I have.

Some of you have taken my classes, chatted with me on-air or in the chat rooms, or found me through unexpected, synchronistic means!

(Gotta love the Angels and Spirit!)

And in less than 2 months, I WILL be meeting some of you face-to-face for the FIRST time ever in Sedona + I am already doing a little silly Angel happy dance!

1) This week, PRACTICE gratitude.
(At least 1X/day, find the beauty in your life and in all that you DO have.)

2) Voice it aloud and if it is a person you are grateful for, CALL them out and SHARE it with them!
(We all love to be appreciated and it's a contagious energy when it's real).

3) I need to go to sleep now...or at least pretend to be tired :)

Have a GREAT week and I'll chat with you on-air (and yes, I will be sprightly and awake!)

ps: If you would like to meet me in person sooner rather than later this Fall, let's work together to make it happen!

***I am staying true to my original vision of keeping the Sedona retreat super intimate (15-20 max).

Last time I checked, we had about FIVE spots left.

(And that # may have gone down by the time you read this!)

Click here to check it out:

Ok, I'm REALLY going to bed now.

Love you and have a fantastic week!

And remember: What are you Grateful for in this moment? 


"Life is not a final. It is a series of daily pop quizzes!"-unknown :)

Enjoy this week's video and scroll down!
Take Action: "What could be one of YOUR personal purposes?" Post a comment!

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My name is Diana Dorell and I AM a Tree-Hugger.
How about an ENERGY tree?

Or a LOVE tree?

I'm being silly today but I find that some of the most profound insights I've had in my life have come from nature.

I'm not a pitch-a-tent kind of gal, but I LOVE bringing my journal, a good book and sometimes even my oracle decks and sitting near a beautiful tree...to just space out.

Which is exactly what I did the day before Labor Day AND on the actual day in varying degrees.
 (hey, I like to start celebrating early!)

I had moments where my logical mind tried to hijack my intuitive one saying stuff like, 

"You have so many emails to write. You should be cleaning up your home. You should be editing. You should..should..SHOULD!"

The Lesson: BE-DO-HAVE
But my intuitive self just smiled as if to say, 

"We're all good here,thank you. Are you done yet? You're off duty.Take a chill pill." 

It was pretty cool just BEING with ME. 

BEING in a state of stillness and peace. 

I chose to BE "peaceful, calm and grounded." 

As a result of that choice, I was able to DO (reading quietly, spacing out without guilt, etc). 

And because of my actions, I HAD MORE ENERGY and INSPIRATION to plan my week and write this to YOU!

Even if you did have to work on Labor Day, consider this week's question:

"WHO am I choosing to BE?" vs. "WHAT do I need to DO?" in any given moment?

If you've found yourself out of balance, in a state of worry or caught up in negative thinking, consider taking it back to the question above. The answer may surprise you and remember: you can always come back to center and make a new choice. 

Take Action Time:
Answer the following question: 

Who do you choose to BE this week?
Post your comment and let it BE so!

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Have a FABULOUS week and ending in the words of the great Dr. Seuss,"Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting. So. . . get on your way."Love,Diana

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