People cutting you off in traffic.
Your spouse or co-worker saying something that hurt your feelings.
Disappointment at a sudden job loss or loss of anything.

How can we stay grounded when it feels as if everything around us is either falling apart or changing at a pace so rapid it is almost impossible to keep up?

Good News! Scroll down and ENJOY.
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Diana xo

"You are enough.
The road behind you is well-paved and well-worn.
It carries with you your past struggles,
Your heartaches,
And your footprints from another time.

The new path in front of you may not have shown itself,
The sand may be smooth beneath your feet,
You may have brambles and leaves around you,
Making it hard to work through,
Making it hard to see.

Rest assured that all you need to know will be revealed.
In Divine and Perfect Timing.
Breathe deeply into your heart.
Feel your heart beat.
It will lead you back home.
Back to us.
For us Angels have been with you since the beginning.
And we are here still.

Can you feel our love?"
-ArchAngel Raphael and Diana

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I am officially entering a brand-new decade. Wohoo! As I was reflecting on the big day, these 3 pearls of wisdom crept in that you can apply to ANY area of your life. Enjoy!
Take Action:
3 Tips:
1. Be Bold
2. Be Clear
3. Release the Need for Approval

Which one will YOU work on this week?
Post your response by adding a COMMENT!

See you on air tonight at 10pm EDT
Show topic: How the Goddesses Can Help you Release the Need for Approval

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Love and Light,

Have you ever felt a fear that things would never turn around?

Have you ever fallen into a cycle of  thinking there isn't enough...(fill in the blank) money, love, time, etc....... ?

How does it make you feel?

For me, I feel anxious, irritable and I breathe shallow. I become a REACTOR as opposed to an ACTOR in the play of life. 

So, how do we get out of this cycle?

3 simple steps that have helped me:

1. Acknowledge it.
Say: "I feel _____________" right now because ___________.

2. GUT check-it.
Ask, "Is this true? Is this MY truth? Or is it someone else's?"
Pay attention to your body's signals.

3. Move it with a Ritual.
Pick your method of release. I dance to silly music. You may want to write a letter to yourself, go for a walk, draw, cook, work on your car, etc.

Important: Whatever activity you choose, remember to intend it to be a RITUAL. It is never enough to just do something to do it. This is a feeling Universe! You are taking the fear, the doubt, the worry, etc and consciously moving it in a new direction.

When we MOVE our energy, we move out the thought, the feeling and can create space for a new thought. One that really serves us and is rooted in peace, authenticity and moving FORWARD.

Repeat as often as necessary!

Take Action:
How do YOU like to move your energy?
Please post a comment and let's share our ideas!

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Love and Light,
Diana Dorell


From Burlesque to Botox
Commentary on Ageless, a new documentary directed by Heather Gwaltney
by Diana Dorell

Last night I learned about the history of Burlesque, the vaudeville/strip tease of the 20's and one story I became aware of paralleled the theme of a new documentary, Ageless in its pursuit to accurately depict society and the concept of the aging woman.

I learned that one of the leading ladies of the time had fallen into deep seclusion as she approached "old" age. She was approximately 60 years old. A young fan of the former star, who was assigned to wait outside her home as box after box filled with pictures, memorabilia and newspaper clippings of the former Golden Queen of Burlesque were strewn out into the street. She wanted to be remembered as she was in those boxes and once her looks began to fade, she saw no real reason to show her face to the world. 

It made my heart break. And it made me think of the power behind the messages our society is sending women about how they should look and be valued. A facade. An hour glass, with each trickle of sand reminding them that Mother Nature is working against them and they'd better choose a fantastic plastic surgeon or go into seclusion. There isn't much in between. I'm exaggerating of course, but the real story, the one behind the make-up is the one I am interested in. The inner journey. The internal struggle as woman after woman must wrestle with her own demons to make the choice: do I listen to the messages that are being sublimially programmed into my brain on a daily basis or do I choose for myself and age gracefully? And what does "gracefully" even look like?

I got much inspiration and insight into these themes from the break-thru, new documentary, Ageless directed by Heather Gwaltney. Not only does it explore up-close and personal interviews with aging women from a variety of socio-economic and ethnically diverse backgrounds, but it is is thought-provoking and thorough in its depiction of the advertising industry and the multiple messages that women are being sent reinforcing the mantra "Be Young...Or Don't Be Seen."

What I love most about the film is that it does not make any grand-sweeping attempts to have all the answers. The audience is taken on a journey through the lives of a variety of women and various experts point of views. In the end, we are left to decide for ourselves. As it should be. Now, the real question is: What and WHO will you choose to believe? You'll have to watch Ageless to find out for yourself!

Link to the documentary:

Diana Dorell is a freelance writer based in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Airport Airport, How I love Thee.
I'm sitting here writing this from Phoenix International Airport.
I just finished ravishing my weekly dose of Us Weekly, People, In Touch and yes even Oprah Magazine. My flight was delayed and I thought I'd make the most of it.

When the guy finally called us up to start boarding, I got a "nudge" to ask him why there was no seating group on my Boarding pass. In a snippy tone, he said,

"Well, Ma'am you are on the wrong airline. Your connecting flight left hours ago and I suggest you go to customer service to see if they can put you on this flight."

I froze. Did I hear him correctly?


It wasn't possible! But then again, it's Mercury Retrograde (if you don't know what that is, I suggest you scroll down to last week's video!) and anything IS possible and CAN happen, at the drop of a hat. 

Sure enough, when I looked at the tiny lettering on the left of my flight number, I was supposed to have changed AIRLINES and in my head, I saw the monitor with the only departing flight that read "Phoenix--> SFO" . I had just assumed my connecting flight was with the same airline I began my journey on. 

Maybe NOT Goddess. Shit. Shit. Double Shit.

I'd like to tell you that I walked calmly and full of grounded energy toward the customer service table but I seriously went into fight or flight mode, heart racing and running like  a bat out of hell swerving in and around a ton of people. 

Why is it that when you're in a hurry, sometimes it feels like everyone gets the memo that it would be fun to move SLOWLY and WANDER around mumbling with a smile with no purpose or care in the world? 

Oh. My. Goddess.

Gasping and doing my best to think happy thoughts, I slapped my boarding pass down on the counter to catch my breath. 

Bring in Lynn
"Can I help you Ma'am?" A sweet voiced lady with wire glasses and snow-colored hair named Lynn asked.

"Yes! I feel so stupid right now. I thought I was on a delayed flight and it turns out I mixed up the connecting airline and missed my flight. What can you do for me?"

She went into the system and kept sighing (never a good sign) and I began going into "Angels PLEASE help me out this mess...I promise I'll more careful...I know I need to pay attention to details more...I'm sorry. I'll eat more vegetables...Please help...." mode. 

"I'm sorry but all the flights going to SFO are overbooked from United."

Never give up. There has to be a way out of this. I continued to call on the Angels of travel. help me. Please. Stay calm Diana. You WILL be with the children leading fabulous dancing and acting in less than 24 hours. All is well......Remember to BREATHE.

I channeled my mother, who never lets anything or anyone tell her a situation is hopeless. I could hear her voice in my head. Ask, "What CAN they do?" 

"Is there ANYTHING you can do? I'm going for work and I realize I made a mistake but I really need to be there tomorrow morning."

Angels to the Rescue!

The next thing I know, Lynn is on the phone to United, tells them what happened and all she says is, "Thanks you're a doll!" (much cheerier tone). This was feeling better, but still her eyes remained glued to the computer monitor. 

She smiles, looks up and hands me a boarding pass for her airline, United Airways. 

"You'll only be able to do carry-on, but I got you in! Your flight leaves in a few hours but you'll get to SFO by this afternoon!"

OMG. Angels, you are working your magic through this fabulous lady, Lynn!
I did a happy dance inside. 

"Are you serious? No charge?"

She just smiled and said, "Please just pay more attention and listen out for last minute gate changes...that happens a lot here." (Great, more fun! I thought, but I knew enough to listen to her!)

I wanted to jump over the counter and hug her right there.

"Thank you SO much! You have no idea how much I appreciate this!"

I smiled and trotted off with my little red-roll on bag to my new gate number (at least for this moment). 

So, here I am. Waiting to board a plane to the place where I recently left. The SF Bay Area. 

Magic is in the air and you know, the Angels NEVER give us more than they know we can handle. And when you're in a pinch, it's nice to know that Earth Angels like Lynn are there to help you when you need it most. :)

Take Action Tip: 
When your plans change unexpectedly, close your eyes, take a deep breathe and ask yourself:

"What COULD I do right now to move this forward or feel more comfortable?" 

When we ask COULD, our brains get triggered to think of creative solutions rather than focus on the problems or irritations of the moment. 

Join me tonight at 10pm EDT for a show on "Miracles and Angelic Intervention"
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#1 Watch this video!
Here's my video for you on the Good, the Bad and the Beautiful of Mercury Retrograde! Enjoy and please share with friends!

#2: Read this Inspirational Piece

Marjory Mejia
Birth a dancing star: How to Honor Your Sensual Self this August
by Marjory Mejia

You must have chaos within you to give birth to a dancing star.”

~ Friedrich Nietzsche

Your senses are doorways, portals to the infinite.
I got sand in my fingers and a gentle breeze blowing on my skin, drying the drops of ocean from my body lying on the body of the earth. I am writing this post from the beach in Miami!

When you spend time in nature, you can’t help but have your sensual self rise, strong, knowing, unequivocal, thrusting her way into the light. I am imbued with this delicious, intoxicating, fluid motion that makes my body an extension of nature.

Nature celebrates herself in her every cycle and phase, in all her bounty and glory. To celebrate something, you first have to acknowledge that it exists.

Stop Hiding.
Modern humans have shamed sensuality into hiding. You need to dig deep and excavate to find the pulsing remnants of your essential self. Peel the layers one by one and you will discover the throbbing rhythm of your sensuality, there, in the intimate embrace of life.

When I see the way the water moves, the way trees sway with the wind, rooted in the earth, kissed by the sun shining bright in the clear skies, I feel ready to birth a dancing star.

Ways to Celebrate Your Sensuality
When you embrace your sensual self, you open to sacred flow. 
I celebrate my sensuality by immersing myself in the warm waters of this sacred earth. I invite you to go and spend time in the wild, then come home and fill your space with the touch of the earth.

*Light a candle

* Take a bath with rose petals

*Dance, Draw, Sing!

Let your breath become prayer.

*Nourish your senses:
Open up your appetite ~ Feast on life ~ Eat with gusto ~ Honor your rhythms ~ Say YES to your deepest desire~ Release ~ Create ~ Love ~ Bear witness to the miracle of life

Remember the ancient ways of the feminine. Feel their sacredness flow through you. Fully fleshed. Divine. Woman. Goddess. You are a mirror of this sensual earth breathing you alive.

In joy,

Marjory is a visionary artist, writer, designer, feng shui consultant, lover of earth, spirit and mystery. She found Sacred Flow, fiercely feminine, divinely sacred, luminous flow. Writing, art and consulting are her passions, gifts that unravel to inspire sacred flow in your space and in your life! Transform your dwelling into a healing space of connection, expression and well being. 
A sanctuary of vitality and clarity.

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Marcy Neumann
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