Use whenever you need to feel safe and protected.

"I invoke Archangel Michael with the fifth dimensional tube of Light.

Michael, please place this tube of light around me.

In this lifetime and all lifetimes,

All planetary systems and all source systems,

All alternate realities and all parallel realities,

All alternate universes and all parallel universes,

As well as all source systems,

In this time and all times.

Michael use your sword of light to clear me of all foreign energies.

All thought forms and beings, and when I am clear,

Escort these energies into the Tube of Light

And return them to the 5th dimension

To be transmuted to another form of Light.

Close up my aura to the influences of all beings

Except my higher self, the God/Goddess consciousness,

My guides and guardians.

So be it, and so it is."

Let me know how it goes for you! Forward and re

"Archangel Michael. Give me a clear sign in the material world that I can easily understand about......(insert your situation)."

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Have you heard that song by Adele, Rollin in the Deep?

One of the lyrics that inspired this blog:
"There's a fire burnin in my heart, 
Reaching a fever pitch and it's takin me out the dark..."

That's what this week is about!

*Feeling your Passion, Emotions and using them to propel you FORWARD, into the light and out of the shadows.

Last week, we looked at the fiery Goddess Bridgit and you might have been feeling extra inspired to take action and speak up. 

But what happens AFTER you speak up?

How do you keep yourself Light, even if others around you choose to be in Darkness?

Try this Affirmation this week from Goddess Diana 

(I always laugh when I type that!):

"Today, I use my passion for Good and send focused Light and Love to myself and others."

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Manifestation and Rollin in the Deep with Goddess Diana.

Take Action:
Post a comment or insight to the following question:
What is YOUR passion that you intend to use for Light and Love this week?

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Have you ever gotten a cup of coffee that was lukewarm and not sent it back 
(even though you REALLY wanted to?)

Have you ever said YES to an extra assignment at work 
(even though you were already on a tight deadline?)

Have you ever spaced out on something important but never called to fess up (because you were embarrassed or feared the reaction?)

If you said yes, I totally get you.

I've been there myself.

And this week is all about changing up your game.

Or as my old roommate Esther used to say, "Flip a bitch, girl!"

(She's from Chicago...not sure if that means anything but thought I'd throw that in :)

How I Met Esther
We were living in East Side San Jose at the time, fresh out of college and thrown to the wolves so to speak, teaching high school and middle school English through a program called Teach for America. It was a 2 year commitment and visions of "Dangerous Minds" and "Stand and Deliver" were part of our daily mantras before we suited up and walked in each day, armed and ready to take on our nation's troubled youth. (hey, we were 21. we were both starry-eyed and driven. Never mind that some of my students were just a few years younger and twice as tall. :) On nights when I wanted to give up and cry, Esther would shrug it off and sound off her pearls of wisdom and knock some sense into me.

Needless to say, the "flip a bitch" expression became a staple in our humble household and now, looking back on the experience, here's what I think Esther really meant by that...

What She Taught Me: 
*Literal translation: "Make a U-Turn" 
(And she DID, sometimes when it was illegal. She drove a huge SUV and was 5 feet tall. She was a fierce Chicana and didn't take shit from anyone! I was glad to be on her good side most of the time:)

*My Interpretation: "Give yourself permission to make a new choice"Sometimes in life, you have to go back to the drawing board, make a U-turn, reflect on past choices and act from a new place so that the next time you round the corner, you travel light and worry-free. 

It takes courage, sensitivity and trust to go back, dig up some of the weeds and wait for the new flowers to come in. It takes tremendous commitment and forgiveness (of yourself and others perhaps.) 

But if Esther taught me anything, it's that no one except YOU is going to make the changes you need to make. No one but YOU has the power to let go of whatever you feel is holding you back from shining brightly and standing in your power. And you know the exciting part? YOU get to reinvent your story however you wish. One choice at a time. It starts now. 

Are you on board? Good! Keep reading.


AFFIRM: "Today, I choose to align with people, places and situations that help me SHINE and SPEAK my truth."

**If you're a rockstar Goddess, I would challenge you to write the statement above each morning for the next 7 days and speak it aloud to yourself in the mirror before beginning your day. 

Let me know how you are doing! I love hearing from you!

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Keep Shining Goddess. You are supported.
(And if you actually use the expression "flip a b*tch" this I find it helps to put your hand on your hip.) 

Ok, it's 11:11 on my clock. Spirit says, "Keep your head held high and your thoughts positive." 

Make it a great day and pass on to friends and family. xo

In Sedona's Boyton Canyon vortex
You get Gut feelings. You feel a heightened Sensitivity to sounds, words and emotions. We (you and I) are the cry babies, the caretakers and the healers of the world. 

And this weekend, I "got" something about how cool that is. 

Sedona Moment
I was coming off a hike (I know, I shocked myself) in the vortexes of Sedona when the phone rang. It was my mom.

"Tia (Aunt) Lu and Jaime were in a major accident. 

He is in the ICU and she has a broken toe, fibia and had a minor concussion. 

Can you come?"

Now, I've heard thousands of very serious, painful stories from clients during sessions and over time, I've learned to emotionally detach so that I can serve them and hear the voices of Angels and Guides around them. Sometimes I go out of body, but when I heard those words, something was different.

I'm not sure if it was being in the electric energy of Sedona or a nudge from my Angels, but I TRIED SO HARD to go out of body. To be emotionally neutral. To be the STRONG ONE.

How many of you are the "rocks" of your families? 
And you're so afraid that if you fall apart, 
everything around you will go to shit too?

Can you relate?

Doing the Unthinkable
Well I tried again and again to hold it all in, tune into Spirit and see if I could relay a message for my family. And I failed. My friend was with me and as I clutched the phone, I did the unthinkable. 

I fell apart.

Right there, on the sidewalk, downtown, with all the 4th of July tourists and their crazy ass hats and vortex maps.

Tears streamed down my face and my solar plexus started pumping.

I was raw, exposed and very much IN my body.

And you know, after the crying stopped, the air was cleared and I got a flood of clarity, support from my friend and energy to make the trek back on the highway to help my family. I realized something that I hope will help you: 

Sometimes you need to let yourself FALL APART so that Spirit can PUT YOU BACK TOGETHER.  

"I am MORE than my EMOTIONS. I allow myself to flow with them and trust my body's messages."

Stop holding all that IN. Whatever it is. Let it come OUT so that the IN can do what it's designed to do-give you messages and gut feelings that can HELP you and OTHERS. 

Your body will be untainted by the Ego's need to prove something, the need to hold the emotions of others or the choice to put yourself so far down the priority pole that you feel like a balloon that is about to pop but refuses to go near the needle (your knowing and your vulnerability).Even though deep down you know it would help. 

You are sensitive. And that's a beautiful thing. Remember that :) 

Take Action Tuesday: YOUR TURN!

1. What helps YOU to move through difficult emotions or challenges?
(calling a friend? a book? a walk?)

2. Post a comment! 
You may never know who may need to hear EXACTLY what you share. 

"See" you on the airwaves tonight at 10pm EDT for a show on "Feelers-Why We're Cool and Ways to Love Yourself."

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ps:My family is doing much better
pps: If you're in AZ and want to learn Angel techniques that help you deal with sensitivity, join me on July 27 at @Peace of the Universe in Scottsdale for my class Angel Intuition 101! 
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Love you!


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