Summer has officially arrived. Yay! Hope that you spent the beginning of Summer Solstice somewhere near water or carving out some time to connect with Spirit on what you intend to bring into this brand-new season. I took myself to the beach and dipped my feet in, speaking aloud all that which I intended to release and then all that I intended to welcome in my space. I also lit a yellow candle representing the Goddess of Water, Oshun and the Sun. This week is all about healing and your inner child. I hope you'll join me and my very special guest, Donna Genovese tonight!

This Week's Intuitive Coaching Gems:
#1 Be Patient with Yourself.
(Your Inner Child might be throwing a tantrum wondering "When the heck are things going to change. I want it NOW NOW NOW!"Give it what it wants. Love.Attention.Recognition through Creative Activities)

#2 Listen more than you Speak.
(No, I'm not giving you the Tiffany's Table Manner for Teenagers advice. This week is about being open to other people's conversations because you could very well get an answer(s) to some of the repetitive questions on your mind. These are called "CLEDONS" and if you are speaking a lot, well then, you might miss something!

#3 Choose SOMETHING. (or you will fall for ANYTHING)
(The energies are such right now that half way is just not going to cut it anymore. Make a choice that feels right for you and stand by it! Being on the fence is part of the old cycle and it is time to trust in YOUR intuition. If you want 100% results, you have to support your own choice 100% right out of the gate!)

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Our June Guide: Yoruba Goddess Oshun

Known as a Water Goddess of Love and Passion, Oshun reminds us all that we do not have to fear our emotions, especially those that bring up tears, for as you allow the tears to pass, the solution appears in the silence. 

One way to invoke this powerful Goddess during your morning meditation to help with:
*Releasing anger or sadness stemming from someone who has a different opinion, perspective or energy than your own.
*Connecting with your body and sexual desires/intimacy
*Surrendering a situation that needs healing but you aren't sure how to facilitate the healing

"Dear Beloved Oshun, thank you for healing the situation for the Highest Good of all concerned. I surrender to the Flow and humbly ask that any stuck energy regarding this inquiry that keeps me from living passionately and authentically be brought to the surface for me to deal with in a healthy way that benefits all. 
Thank you for your assistance Goddess. I surrender now and listen to the next right action." 

To learn more about Oshun, consider taking my class, "Goddess Oshun: Balance" coming up June 18 and 19th. 

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