I wanted to share 3 Golden Nuggets and also give you an opportunity that was given to me that could really help you if you're serious about GROWING.

This is my story for my business, but feel free to insert your desire for growing in a relationship, expanding your spirituality or even embarking on a new adventure that could be professionally or personally.

Golden Nugget #1: Align with the Right People

I would say a big turning point for me was when I started to align myself with mentors, teachers and colleagues who were further along than I was and/or who also knew things that I just didn't! (If I were to get super real with you, some of the things that I struggled with in the beginning were:

*charging for my services and knowing WHAT to charge
*discerning who I wanted to work with (trusting that I truly deserved to only work with the best, most ideal clients that I could do my best work with vs. taking on everyone even if they weren't an energetic "fit")
*technology and building my first website
*using social media (Facebook terrified me and Twitter terrified me even more!)
*marketing and promoting myself and what I had to offer from a heart space vs. feeling slimy or like I was "selling"


Golden Nugget #2: When You Invest From Your Intuition, You Get Massive Returns

I could have spent tons of time at this point on books, CD's with the "experts" in any of the fields above that terrified me.
But, I know myself well enough. I'm not a very patient person when it comes to certain things. And when it came to getting my message out there and helping people with my gifts and talents, I wanted it SOONER rather than later.

I wanted someone to just tell me exactly how to do what I didn't know or was scared of in the most efficient, FUN way possible. So, when I came across a website that said "Rich, Happy and Hot B-School" everything in my body started to tingle. I had no idea who Marie Forleo was (she was soon to be become one of my most influential mentors and teachers). It just felt RIGHT and more than that, it was an ONLINE business school that was a fraction of the cost of a regular MBA (like probably 1000X less) and it actually sounded FUN. (That's one of my actual life principles!)

Check it out:

Along with my Angel Therapy certification with Doreen Virtue, B-school was the biggest (and I consider) one of the most IMPORTANT investments I ever made for myself both personally and professionally. I'm not ashamed to say I didn't just take this program ONCE. I am actually taking it AGAIN this round which will be my THIRD time!  I did the payment plan and I just KNEW I would not only make the money I invested back, but that I would easily double it from the information I would learn.

And after just my first round in the program, I'm proud to say I:

*was no longer scared of creating or hiring someone to make me a website
*knew EXACTLY who my ideal people were and where I could find them (and where they could find me)
*let go of guilt around charging for my services and DOUBLED my client base (and let go of the energy drainers with grace!)
*felt more ALIVE, more confident and more ENERGIZED
*finally got CLARITY on how I could really help people using things that came naturally to me
 (I always thought I had to work HARD vs. using what was already inside me)
*premium business contacts who I would collaborate with in the future
*made new friends who "got" me and help me stay on track so I don't get overwhelmed or feel isolated

Sound like something YOU want too? Marie just opened registration TODAY!
She just posted a FAQ so you'll get ALL your questions answered before you see if it's even right for you.



Golden Nugget #3 Be Clear in Your Intentions: The WHY

When you can be clear in WHY you want something, then the Universe can deliver you clear matching energy in the form of the right people, opportunities, extra time, funds, etc.

So, what do YOU want? And WHY do you want it? 

Is it coming from a Soul/loving/intuitive desire or an Ego-driven one?

If it's the first, you're GOLDEN and doors will open <3

I'll end with my intentions as a example:

I had 3 major intentions in posting this:

1) To answer your questions/shed light on my own process to help you clarify YOURS

2) To share an opportunity (RHH online) that I truly feel could be the ideal fit for some of you who benefit from an organized, Ego-free way of learning from the best vs. having to do it all yourself

3) Let you know that If it DOES feel like a fit, if you use my affiliate link to sign yourself up below,
you will:
----help make it possible for me to offer 2 full-tuition SCHOLARSHIPS to 2 students who are talented healers and want to enroll in the Angel Reiki™ Online Certification Program I offer twice a year, but who are struggling financially


--you'll also receive 2 intuitive coaching calls with me (Valued at $300) to help you create and manifest results, either in your personal life or your professional one.

If you're ready to check out the program, go here:

Either way, I appreciate you taking the time to read this and I hope that you will take 1 (or ALL 3) of the Golden Nuggets and apply them to your own journey this coming month!

Love you! I'm off to the pool! After all, it's almost the weekend, right? :)


Do you suffer from “over-giving” syndrome? (I hear you! I am a recovered over-giver and I'm here to share my secrets with you so you can manifest what you REALLY want!)

When we consistently over-give, we usually have a very hard time receiving...anything!
In some way, we believe that we are not worthy of….compliments, healthy relationships that are balanced, money/financial abundance, prosperity in all forms, etc. 

If you're ready to create a NEW pattern, watch the video below and please share the link with friends! 

In this short video (UNDER 5 minutes long!) you will:
  • Identify the top characteristics of an over-giver + hear my personal story with it
  • Learn 3 steps that you can take in less than 1 minute to re-wire your subconscious and break the cycle
  • Be Invited to take action to help you stay accountable! 
After you watch the video, be sure to post your comment on this blog!
Now I want to hear from YOU!

1)   Do YOU have stories of over-extending or over-giving?

2)   What helps YOU raise your confidence? 
Post your comments and let’s help each other out!

 If you know that love/relationships is one area that has always been a challenge for you, I want YOU on my FREE tele-call on May 16th. It is recorded, but you must RSVP. Sign yourself up here!

Part I:
 It’s about knowing that you’re worth it. That you matter.

That what you have to say actually counts. 

It’s about counting your blessings and walking your talk

It’s about leading with love instead of fear.

Part II:
It’s about being the leader of your life instead of the passive follower.

It’s about looking fear square in the face and holding its hand.

It’s about raising the bar in every area of your life.

Where are you ready to raise the bar?

Part III
  It’s about cherishing what you DO have and loving your life NOW.

It’s about appreciating yourself and the people who care about you.

It’s about never taking anyone or anything for granted.

It’s about honoring your old self so that you can shed your skin and bust out and FLY But most of all, it’s about loving yourself from the inside out. Without apologies.

3 Things to Help You This May:

1) Radio Show: Every Tuesday night @10pm EST on 
 Tonight’s show is all about Feeling WORTHY/Raising your Worth Factor.

2) Sign up for my FREE Tele-call: How to RAISE your LOVE Mojo!
  May 16 @5:30pm PST
  Find out more and RSVP:
3) New! Reading: “Spring Clean Your Soul”
  When you’re house is clean, you sleep better, you can focus and you feel peaceful instead of anxious, exhausted and scattered. The same is true for your Soul and Spirit! When you clean up toxic debris from limiting beliefs and old karmic/past life patterns, it frees you up to manifest HUGE and attract opportunities in all areas of your life without unnecessary obstacles dragging you down. 
Check it out here:


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