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by Diana Dorell

“Recalculating …recalculating..recalculating…”

 SHUT UP! (Yes, I actually used those words).

I shouted them vehemently with passion towards the most irritating person in my life at the moment.

Who was that, you ask?

My new GPS lady of course. I nicknamed her Computer Chick because she has the most interesting intonation and articulation to her voice that I’ve ever heard. J

I was pretty proud of myself for figuring out how to use it to explore my new neighborhood and as I got her all prepped to take me home before my class, I called my friend Gigi and we got to gabbing.

Toto, We Are Not in Kansas Anymore

I was half listening to Computer Chick when I realized that I was on the outskirts of town and all that lay before me were these huge boulder looking things and a sign that said, “Phoenix Military Base.”


I kept driving and couldn’t shake the feeling that Chick was taking me the LONG, SCENIC route on what should have been a short 15-20 minute drive through gas stations, Dollar Trees (I couldn’t resist…I had to put that in!) and ASU Sun Devil themed mom and pop shops.

I started panicking as I realized that I was going to be late for class and was driving farther and farther away from any thing I’d ever known. And here I had to trust that Computer Chick knew what she was doing.

But, I had a hard time trusting that this new lady knew what she was talking about.

So, I made a U-turn and was confident that I could just backtrack on instinct and figure it out on my own.

“Recalculating…turn left. (I ignored her).

“Recalculating…turn right up ahead.” (I ignored her again.)

I was on a mission and this was a straight shot to my familiar road. (Or so I thought.)

Old Town Ah-Ha

To make a long story longer, after driving around in maddening circles, I ended up in a beautiful historic district called “Old Town” and out of sheer frustration and my embarrassing self-admission that I was lost (with a GPS), I pulled into the nearest parking spot, unplugged Computer Chick with more force than necessary and took a DEEP breath.

“It’s ok, Diana. It’s ok. Just be here.” A voice whispered.

I could feel the tears welling up and I just took a moment like I had done so many times before when faced with a situation that felt like I was stuck in the muck.

That place where you know you’re so close to escaping the muck, but you’re too tired to remember that you can ask for help.

Have you ever been there?

So, I called in the BIG GUNS.

You got! The Angels!

Trust And You Shall Receive

I said under my breath, “If I am truly meant to be here Angels, then tell me where I need to go right now.” I got out of the car and immediately across the street, my senses heightened and I let out a huge laugh!

The name of the store directly in front of me was …“The Angel Store..And More!”

(Those Angels, I’ll tell ya! They surprise me every time!)

So I went in and started talking to the lady behind the counter.  We got into a conversation about angels, my work, etc and she said, “You need to meet the owner. It just so happens she is in town just this week before going to Canada. Can you come in this week to talk with her? Perhaps you can offer your services here!”

I just smiled and felt ArchAngel Michael behind me.

Divine Intervention strikes again!

“I’ll be back tomorrow. Thank you so much!”

So, maybe Computer Chick isn’t so bad afterall.

My 3 Lessons/Take-Aways:

1.     As much as we WANT to be, we are NOT in CONTROL! Spirit IS.

2.     There are no accidents, only fortunate synchronicities.

(Even if you have no clue how that could be in the moment.)

3.     Trusting in Spirit is an ongoing process. Patience comes with practice.

Your TURN:

1)   Which one of the 3 lessons resonate with you this week?

2)   What are your insights? Post a comment!



PS: Tonight I am doing Full Moon Angel Messages!
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I love that Spirit keeps bringing me back to the bank! (pun intended!)
Soon after my checkbook numerology story, I went to ANOTHER branch, my home branch WellsFargo, and I sat down with my favorite banker, Hammed. I noticed him immediately because the first thing I saw when I sat down to discuss my business accounts was an adorable clay white angel with a little note of thanks on it. I asked him about it and just knew this was the right place for me. 

"It was a gift that one of my clients brought in to thank me for helping them. It was so unexpected and I feel so grateful to be doing this work." 

(Again in my head, im thinking, "Wow. This banker LOVES what he does-thank Goddess for that!)

Then true to form, I started asking more questions! I was curious. Nevermind that I had questions about business. They could wait.

"How did you get to be doing this work, Hammed?"

He smiled back shyly and for the next 30 minutes, he shared with me a profound, powerful story of courage, perseverance and audacity of how he helped his family and also how he got to be sitting in this chair across from me.

After he finished, he just looked up at me and took a deep breath.

"Wow...I've never told anyone that story before here. I was going to give you the short version...." 

I laughed.

"It happens. And I'm so glad that you did. And I would LOVE to have you be my radio guest to have you share it with others."

"That would be my pleasure, " he responded. "Now, what was your question about your business?"

I just smiled. :)

So, tonight, I hope you'll join me for an inspirational, Angelic, off-the beaten path show. (you know I LOVE those!). 

This week's Affirmation: "Today, I am open to acting from love

10pm EDT


724-444-1325-Call Hammed and I to share your stories and insights!


True Story: Text Message from Spirit
by Diana Dorell
Beep. Beep. Beep. I woke up groggily to figure out where the sound was coming from. The inevitable fact that I was going to need to get up was looming over me and I silently willed it the noise to go away. It was my cellphone letting me know that I had received not 1 but 3 messages between the course of the night/morning.
I had slept poorly, felt like I was going to burst into tears from exhaustion and was really upset by a miscommunication I had had with a good friend the night before. Any little sound felt like trombones were being blown into my ears. I was that sensitive.
Have you ever felt like that?
Well, I must back up and say that part of my morning routine is journaling. Before I do anything else, I show up on the page for at least 3 pages of uncensored musings. It clears my head and Spirit and I also get some pretty amazing downloads and ideas. And when I DON’T do this, I feel weird, energetically overloaded and just well, off. Even in my emotional morning haze, a little voice said, “You need to process last night before you talk to your friend. Go write.”
Well, I ignored it and was so charged up that I thought it would be equally effective if I just emoted via TEXT message.
Have you ever written an email to yourself addressed to someone you were angry at just to let the emotions out?
Well, that was my intention. I spewed on and on and could feel the energy releasing and the tears start to come up again, which was very healing.
Then I hit “Save as Draft.” (Love that function!!!)
Or so I thought.
Two seconds later, the phone rings and it’s my friend and I gasp!
My phone SENT THE TEXT directly to HER!
I felt like all the air in the room was sucked out and I got really really hot. It was SUPER uncomfortable.
No escape. No chance to edit. It was done and sent in true Mercury Retrograde fashion.
And now I had to deal with the aftermath.
Could I face the music?
But I have been doing this work long enough to trust that Spirit was/is in charge and that this was going to be a powerful lesson for me.
Instead of playing it off, I just picked up the phone and told her exactly what had happened!
I said something to the effect of, “Well, I guess Spirit wanted us to talk about this and I’m embarrassed, but last night really affected me.  I love you and value our friendship. Can I share how I felt?”
It TOTALLY opened up the lines of communication that up until a few seconds ago had been blanketed with my weird, unprocessed frustration that she had never even been aware of!
We both got to share our sides of what had happened and left the conversation laughing like 12 year olds. It was all good. And well, I found a new appreciation for Mercury Retrograde. :)
Here’s what I learned:

*****Sometimes, we have to
It is easy to make excuses, run away and go into denial about what we are feeling. But the true power is when you can act in spite of the discomfort.
Now it’s YOUR turn.
1. Where have you felt UNCOMFORTABLE in your life?
2.  And more importantly, are you open and committed to feeling Ok with the discomfort? As my mentor says, “Is your faith bigger than your doubt?”
Take Action Time:
What is your take on that? Any insights, observations or questions that arise for you?
Post ‘em on the blog! I love hearing from you!

PS: Scroll down to see our April 2011 Video!

Happy April Everyone!

Feel Free to Post a Comment or Insight on Here. I love hearing from you and wish you a wonderful month!


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