As we round out January and our theme of Self-Worth, I thought I'd share a true story and quote with you that inspired me at a time in my life when so much was uncertain and all I knew what how badly I wanted my dream to come true. 

And, as always I would love to hear YOUR insights on the questions posed at the end. 

"Reach High, 
 for stars lie hidden in your soul.
Dream Deep,
for every dream precedes the goal."
-Pamela Vaull Starr


When I was 17, I had stars in my eyes. I was set on becoming a theatre major and one afternoon I bravely announced to my parents,

"Just so you both know, I'm going out of state. I am going to see the world and I want to act." (Not exactly music to most parents' ears)

My mom shifted uncomfortably but managed a "That's umm...wonderful Didi. And how do you plan to pay for that?"  (she was/is super supportive but I knew she really wanted me close to home) and my dad just did his dad thing and listened with a blank expression taking it all in.

I responded with, "I have no idea how I'm going to pay for it, but I know I'll get a sign. I'm not meant to stay in Texas. I'm just not."

The Trek

And so my Dad accompanied me across the US to a bunch of college campuses on an adventure where this magical "sign" would just come to me.

We went to the East Coast. We went to the Midwest. And ended up on the West Coast in sunny Los Angeles.

When we reached USC and passed the track, my dad was sold. 

"Didi, you should just go here. They have the #1 track team in the US." 

(He meant well. And he also happens to be a marathon runner but what that had to do with me studying drama there I still have no idea :) 

He is also very psychic and probably knew what I was thinking because he chimed in with, "Plus, George Lucas is on the Film faculty!"

The Quote and my AH-HA

I rolled my eyes and following him up ahead he lead me into the Drama Department. 

And literally 10 seconds in, I GASPED as I saw the following quote painted in BOLD colorful strokes across the wall.

(My dad had the neutral look thing going on again. Bless him for his consistency :)

"Reach High, 
 for stars lie hidden in your soul.
Dream Deep,
for every dream precedes the goal."
-Pamela Vaull Starr

It was like time stood still as I read that quote. "Every dream precedes the goal..."

It hit me right then that I was already LIVING my dream.

I had the stars already INSIDE me. 

And honestly, it didn't really matter WHERE I went to school.

What mattered was that I had the PASSION and the KNOWING that I had something BIG to share with the world and if I was meant to go out of state, I would.

And if I wasn't, it didn't make me any less passionate or capable or worthy of my dream.

The Happy Ending

When I got back, I got ANOTHER sign in the form of an envelope sitting on my bed. When I opened it up, I gasped AGAIN!! (Actually I think I screamed. My poor parents!) 

I was accepted as a THEATRE major at Northwestern University, one of the top 10 schools in the nation on a FULL scholarship. Dreams do come true. 

But first we all need to remember: it starts from the INNER VISION and KNOWING vs. the external or the LOGIC. 

(sorry Dad. The USC track team and George Lucas can't beat that) :)


1) What is YOUR Big DREAM?

2) When in your life has Spirit given YOU a sign to let you know you were on the right track?

I'd love to have us share stories and help you call in your dream!

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Have a GREAT week!

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“Quietly go to work on your own self-awareness. If you want to awaken all of humanity, then awaken all of yourself. If you want to eliminate the suffering in the world, then eliminate all that is dark and negative in yourself. Truly, the greatest gift you have to give is that of your own self-transformation.”

- Lao Tzu

I snagged the quote above from a Facebook post on Relationship Coach Natalie Vartanian’s page last night as it caught my attention immediately. More on Natalie below. Stay with me J

As we continue on this journey of January’s SELF WORTH theme, the quote above reminds us that whatever we are going through that seems to be pushing our buttons, perhaps buttons you didn’t even know you HAD, has the potential to be a catalyst for GREAT TRANSFORMATION, not only within yourself but transformation of the entire planetary consciousness.

Big stuff.

To break it down to its simplest form, I got

Diana’s Cool Recipe to Attract BIG MAGIC (in love, finances, career, etc) we can:

Materials needed: Quiet space, pen/paper, yourself.

Time: 5-10minutes

1.    Practice Self-Awareness!

Name that which you wish to eliminate=

“I am ready to eliminate ________within myself.”

2. Take your Ego Out!

Ask for guidance from Source, Spirit, your Higher Self, Angels, etc to show you the NEXT step.

“Thank you Angels for helping me eliminate this and anything else that holds dark or negative energies in my space.”

3. Listen!

Your job is to LISTEN and be STILL. Remember, it’s on Spirit’s time, not yours. You may hear a song on the radio, get a phone call or simply feel a nudge to go somewhere. Let go of judgement and listen. Follow the next right action.

Repeat Steps 1-3 as needed J

Take Action: What are YOU ready to eliminate within yourself?

I want to hear from you on the blog here!

Relationship coach, Natalie Vartanian
Relationship Coach, Sally Hope, the Rock Goddess herself!

1.     Radio show!

10pm EDT on

Tonight, back by popular demand are Relationship Coaches from Girls Gone Moto, Sally Hope and Natalie Vartanian! We had a FULL line of callers last year when these two came on the show and they are going to be sharing some powerful practices on self-worth, especially in relationships and how to go from doubt to LOVE.

Please check out these two ladies here:

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Ok, that’s all I got for you this week!

Looking forward to seeing you over at the blog!

This week, I'd love to explore the theme of "Self-Worth" through looking at where in our lives we feel attached to getting approval. And more importantly, what the deeper Soul need is that we neglect or overlook. For that holds some powerful insights as to WHY we feel we need to go outside of ourselves for acceptance, approval, permission, etc. 

When I asked the Angels about this, I received the following:
"We want you to know that it is safe to be totally and completely yourself. You may have been ridiculed in another lifetime or in the past for being 'different' than others. You may have felt that the only way to meet your Tribe was to put on a mask  or mask parts of yourself that you were ashamed or afraid of. But those areas hold the key to your greatest contribution here on Earth. Where do you hide yourself? 

That is a good place to start. Acknowledge your hidden talents, your hidden desires and first announce to YOURSELF that you will LOVE yourself wholly and completely, regardless of any perceived "flaws." Only you see flaws. We see your Light. You are whole and beautiful just as you are in this moment. 

The minute you allow this truth to resonate in your heart is the moment you accept yourself. And in that moment, the outside noise will be just that. Noise. Surround sound. Compliments and Criticism alike will have little bearing on your self-worth and your self-love. For you know you are here to raise the Light. And with that responsibiity comes a shedding of the Ego. We want you to know you are doing a magnificent job. Start from revealing your truest self. To yourself. We are here for you and applaud you for taking this brave next step!"

I'd love to explore this idea of "Freeing yourself from Approval" on tonight's radio show at 10pm EDT
Call number: 724-444-1325
 I would LOVE it if you joined me!

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All my Love,
Diana Dorell


This is a "special" issue as I feel guided to pack in as much good stuff to help you thrive in January. Feel free to skip around and jump to where Spirit guides you first!

In this issue:
*Fun announcements and THANK YOU's!
*2012 General Message
*7 Short Tips to Help You Stay Positive During January
*My January Tele-Classes (I'm teaching 3! yay!)
*How to Win a FREE 2012 Reading with me!


Let's do it!
*Fun Diana Updates and Announcements: 
I just got back from Laguna Beach, CA where I got to spend an AMAZING, healing time by the water (we don't get a lot of that in Arizona)
and one of the things I'm committed to this year is loving and respecting my BODY (did any of you have resolutions that involved exercise too?)
So....literally 10 minutes before I sat down to write you, I enrolled in my first YOGA TEACHER TRAINING 200 hour program! And it starts...on MONDAY! 
I'm a little scared because it's something totally new and I am dealing with all the weird, usual fears about getting back into leotard-like clothing and if I'll be able to hang without passing out :) BUT I knew that if I was left to my own devices and signed up for a yoga class here and there, it would never happen, so I'm GOING for it and intend to combine what I learn with dance to get back to where this all began-Dancing Goddess! 

Acknowledgements to Our Online Community:
-Big Happy Birthdays to Jen M. from California and all you Capricorns out there!
-Congrats to Martina E from California for creating her first blog about trusting intuition! You Go Goddess!
-Congrats to the incoming January Angel Reiki I students (so excited to work with you all next week!)
-a big THANK YOU to YOU for connecting with me, sharing and helping me spread positive juju all over the world! <3 I am so grateful for you.

*2012 Message:

2011 brought with it many lessons, much growth and new insights that may have spurred questions like, "What am I supposed to GET that I'm not? Why did THAT happen? 
and the biggie: What is my LIFE PURPOSE already, Spirit?"You may not have answers to all those big juicy questions just yet but the stage is SET and RIPE for BREAKTHROUGHS, incredible AH-HA's and a dose of MOVEMENT to help you ride the wave of change.

From a Numerology standpoint, it is a "5" (2+0+1+2=5) which symbolizes MOVEMENT, COMMUNICATION and TRAVEL.
You may be contemplating a move, dreaming about far-off places and feeling extra opinionated/wanting to communicate your thoughts. This is the year to put pen to paper and take a CHANCE. Risk sharing your big ideas even if they are unpopular. If you act from a place of, "Will this (or how will this) help people (or myself) MOVE FORWARD?" the right people and opportunities will find YOU. 

2012 favors every aspect of communication-social media, TV/internet, the publishing industry and even tele-pathic/astral/silent communication with Spirit.
It's a great year to take an unusual class that calls to you, pick up a book you ordinarily wouldn't and keep a log/record/journal to document all the wonderful, unexpected happenings that unfold as a result of living in childlike JOY and TRUST. Doomsdays are a thing of the past and if you choose to get stuck in the old, there will be plenty of reminders and rude awakenings to yank you right out and face the music. 

Bottom line: Go with the FLOW or get dragged along the current (the first is more fun. rocks can hurt!)
F=Free yourself of the need for approval.
L=Love the process of creating your life
O=Own Your Power
W=Walk with child-like Wonder

*7 Short Tips to Help You Stay Positive During January

1. Drink lots of water (more than normal). 5 rules water/movement.

2. Keep a log/journal of unexpected joys

3. Move something (your body, de-clutter, re-arrange, re-organize, etc)

4. Walk in a new direction each day (just for fun) or take an alternate, scenic route to work

5. Use Blue Lace Agate (Crystal) to help you speak your truth

6. Stick the following on a post-it and put it on the fridge: I CHOOSE TO MOVE WITH MY LIFE.

7. Honor your word 
(If you say you'll do it, honor your words. Words=communication=POWERFUL manifestations!)


*My January Tele-Classes: Sign up!

1) How to Trust Your Intuition-101
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2) Angel Reiki I Online Program
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*Busy moms or business professionals who want to blend and balance their "spiritual development" with the "real world but don't know how to do that?"

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